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Lynx: Rainbow tunnel at Easter

I met gorgeous smiley Lynx on a very hot day for some portraits in one of Perth’s hidden locations, this happy little rainbow tunnel. I love this location as it’s so well protected, great for baby and children’s photos, and such vivid colours which look great on the children’s bedroom walls as a canvas or print.

rainbow tunnel rainbow tunnel
Don’t you just love his rolls! So cute.

rainbow tunnel
And as it was nearing Easter when his session was held, we did an Easter setup as well in a nearby shady garden. His mama loves Easter so it fit in really well, and Lynx was fascinated with the little pastel eggs.

Easter session
Happy Easter!

baby in eggshell

Would you like a rainbow tunnel portrait session with your own children? The colours look fantastic as a canvas or framed print on your child’s bedroom wall. Contact me for more details!

12 months old – milestone session

1 year old and we’re at the final milestone session… we made it through his first year! I love this age – their personalities are shining through, they can sit, some can stand, and so the range of different poses I can capture them in just explodes! As you will have seen if you have been following my blog, I did a photo session each month with my little boy. However most people’s budget does not allow for this, and so I would suggest milestone sessions – newborn, 3 months when they are getting quite good at tummy time, sitting (usually about 5-9 months old), and then the first birthday milestone session.

Grey is a cheeky fellow, so I took that literally in this setup and put his cute little tush on display! He’ll thank me for that when he’s older I’m sure 😀

12 month old baby

It took me a while to get that pose… he really wanted to crawl all around and explore the studio.

The blackboard backdrop I saw on Pinterest and loved the idea. It is such a fantastic way of keeping track of the little details that you may otherwise forget… the words they have learned, what they love doing at this age, how tall they are etc.

first birthday milestone session

And to top it all off, he stood unsupported for the first time ever, during the session and I got it all on camera!

12 month old milestone session

If you’d like a milestone session or package of sessions for your own bundle of joy, please contact me. I have some session packages here, to give you an idea of what I can do for you, but this is not all I do. I’m more than happy to incorporate your ideas, for example if you wish to have several photo sessions throughout the first year as your baby achieves various milestones.

Hayden’s Paint Splash

Early this year I put out a model call for a baby approaching their first birthday to do some painting for me. I’m going to be offering paint splash sessions, intended for baby’s first birthday (but really can be done at any age) and needed some images for clients to see. I was pleasantly amazed with the amount of responses I got, but then I had the hard job of choosing just one baby. Hayden was my final pick, and he didn’t let us down!

paint splash first birthday

He is a real little artist! I think any parent would be proud to display their child’s first artwork in their home, but what a gorgeous piece Hayden created (with just a little help from his grandad) 🙂

paint splash first birthday

He had us all in stitches at the face he made when he tasted the paint. Hayden, thank you for being such a great model!

paint splash first birthday

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