Ariana at 10 weeks

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Ariana’s mum contacted me for some newborn style photos of her new baby daughter, but wasn’t sure if it was possible to do the posed shots as little Ariana was already 10 weeks old! I usually photograph newborns under 14 days of age, as they are at their most sleepy then, but I told Ariana’s mum that I welcomed the challenge, and we approached it with the mindset that we could do lots of awake poses and if she slept it would be a bonus. Ariana was a delight to have in the studio, awake most of the shoot and happy which meant I could do lots of poses wrapped and in props. Mum was brilliant at rocking her to sleep towards the end and we got a few shots on the beanbag as well.

Meet Ariana at 10 weeks.

Perth newborn photographer

Perth newborn photographer

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