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11 Months

The second last instalment of my year long project – from newborn to toddler!

This was an outdoor shoot and my theme was bubbles. I quickly found because of the windy afternoon, I really needed an assistant, and a three year old spilling bubble mix every time I turned just wasn’t cutting it! However I’m quick to adapt to the situation and we ended up getting some fantastic shots in the gorgeous afternoon light! We’d been very lucky with the day I picked, this particular fortnight had been showers nearly every afternoon.

baby, 11 months, perth photography


10 months old

For my baby boy’s 10 month old photo, I recreated an idea I’d pinned on Pinterest – a photo of a baby lying on the bed playing with his/her toes, next to mum who was sitting with a cup of black coffee. All that was in shot of mum was her legs and the coffee cup. The image to me was clearly indicating the link between cute babies and lack of sleep, resulting in the need for either more sleep or more likely, caffeine to make it through the day!

I’ve done mine with white coffee as that’s what I drink, and my baby is older than the initialĀ postpartum haze of sleep deprivation… but I have found with both babies I get the most tired the first few months back at work, so this is my take on it. Photo kindly taken by Rob.

9 months, coffee, baby


9 months old

Beautiful spring flowers were out in abundance when it came time to take my baby’s 9 month photos, and as luck would have it we had a glorious warm weekend afternoon where the boys and I had come back from the shops in time to get to this location before sunset.

Just in the nick of time too… less than two weeks later I drove past to discover it had been mown by the council.



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