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8 months old

8 months heralded a big change in routine for my boy. He started daycare for the first time, in preparation for me to return to my full-time job as my maternity leave came to it’s end. As is often the case, the first few days/weeks of daycare result in illnesses and days off work, as the tiny new humans pick up bug after bug that spreads like wildfire through the centre. My poor fellow had a great first week, then picked up several things, one after the other, with only a day or two back at daycare healthy before coming down with the next illness. The worst was an antibiotic we were prescribed for an ear infection… the side effects were far more painful for him than the earache and took about 6 weeks to fully leave his system. So there was no studio or outdoor shoot for him at 8 months, instead I have a daily life photo from the end of his first week at daycare, playing guitar with his brother before leaving in the morning.

8 months photojournalist session

Harry – 8 days

Perth newborn photographer | Perth baby photography

Less than a month after his stunning mama’s maternity session, young Harry arrived earthside and came to see me for his first professional photos.Time lapse maternity

We got a huge amount of images from his session, I had a hard time narrowing it down to the final images for his gallery.

newborn photo session

7 months old

I have loved this backdrop since I first saw it in use, I believe the photographer had two little girls on a french style chaise longue with what looked like very vintage wallpaper. Kept it in mindĀ for about a year before I saw it again and was lucky enough to find one for sale. Works equally well for boys and girls.

And this little child-size wingback armchair… so cute! Just perfect for under school age children and babies… and I can even fit in it (just)!

So here is my little man at 7 months old, demonstrating beautifully one of my setups for sitter sessions.

7 months old

6 months old

I tried to get a sleeping image of my baby at 6 months of age. Ha! That proved nearly impossible. I eventually did it, but it took me three days straight of attempting it. I could rock him to sleep in my arms, but the second I placed him on the flokati his eyes would open, he’d realise he wasn’t in bed and that was it – awake time. We got some cute images from my attempts however!

baby, 6 months, Perth photography


And the only image I got, of him sleeping, on my third day attempting it, was this shot. I do like it. I took a few photos, moved to change my angle and he woke. That was it!

Perth baby photos

Jennifer Musolf Photography