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Client Packaging

Slowly, over the last 6 months, I’ve been putting together ideas for my client packaging and I’ve just finished the design in the last few weeks. It took a lot of searching as I couldn’t find one store that had everything I wanted, so I’ve gathered my pieces from all over the world! I was inspired by seeing other photographers’ packaging, some of who were kind enough to post links to their suppliers on their blogs. In the interests of paying it forward, I’d like to do the same, and hopefully in turn help out another photographer who is searching for just that right piece to finish off their branding.

Client packaging photography photos
Firstly, I’ll start with the piece my client first sees – the box. These are from Craftpak, and I’ve purchased them in three different sizes: the large is to fit 11×14″ prints, the medium to fit 8×10″ prints, and the small to fit a USB only and to go along with a large print product. I love that I was able to choose a different style lid and base. Both the base and lid are made from partly recycled material. The courier they use is very slow once the package gets to WA, so will need to re-order before my stock runs out next time.

Client packaging photography photos

On top of the lid is my logo, stamped onto some Kraft cardstock from Officeworks, which is then fixed on a rectangle of the same card stock that I’ve crimped to make a corrugated pattern. The stamps are custom-made from Vistaprint.

Client packaging photography photos

I also used this card stock to make my Thank You cards. I had a custom stamp made up for these from Stamp-It, and the gold ink is Tsukineko Encore, also from Stamp-It.

Client packaging photography photos
Prints are protected in clear polypropylene bags from Pack It In. They have common photo sizes as well as tiny bags suitable for sweets, and very fast delivery. The bags I have the sweets in in this photo are from Centaur Packaging, whose delivery speed and service are faultless, but they don’t have the exact size bags I want. Sweets are custom-made by Roc Candy, and this particular lot are Cherry Ripe flavoured – a mix of cherry, non-alcoholic Kahlua, and coconut. Yum!

Client packaging photography photos

Digital images are stored on a 4GB USB, engraved with my logo on the front side and my website address on the reverse. There’s a lot of companies doing the USBs now, I chose to go with AUSB. They have a large range of styles and a small minimum order, plus are well priced. They’re also very helpful – sending me different images of my logo printed vs engraved via email so I could decide which was better for my branding.


The USB and sweets are packaged in muslin bags from Etsy seller Celestial Gifts, which I have stamped. Plus, I’ve included a fridge magnet (can never have too many magnets!), and my business card to pass on to another friend.

The goodies are all protected by nestling them into some white shredded paper or previously used shredded packaging – upcycling!

Client packaging photography photos

Now that the package is all together, images and goodies protected and gift boxed, it’s ready to go off to it’s new home to be unwrapped and proudly displayed.

Mummy and baby portraits at a Perth waterfall

I have been hunting around for a beautiful location in Perth just like this and was lucky enough to find it in autumn, in time for the leaves to start falling but still have warm weather and clear skies to let the setting sun shine golden through the trees. It was the perfect location for this Mothers Day portrait session, and I had a brave mama who was happy to walk into the water for me to get some gorgeous images! Her baby girl is five months old, and doesn’t she just have the longest thickest hair you’ve seen on a baby that age! Matches her mummy beautifully 🙂

Mother daughter waterfallMother daughter waterfallMother daughter waterfall Mother daughter autumn Mother daughter sunset Mother daughter sunset Mother daughter steps


Jennifer Musolf Photography