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3 months old

Perth baby photography

How quickly the time has gone; from when this little being entered the world to today, a quarter of a year has passed. It certainly doesn’t seem that long, and yet many changes have taken place. He’s no longer a featherweight in my arms. He smiles, chuckles, squeals when something delights him – he holds his head up and looks around – he can bear weight on his chubby legs when we hold him – and, he sleeps through most of the night, waking only once or twice for a feed.

Perth baby photography

Perth baby photography

Isaac on day 11

Perth newborn photographer | Perth baby photography

11 day old Isaac was a perfect gentleman – after a big feed, he settled easily into a deep sleep and we got loads of gorgeous setups of him. I even got a sweet smile from him which showed off his very cute dimples.

Perth newborn photographer

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